About BravoHG

Our Story

Bravo HG began in an unlikely alignment of circumstances. Dave Barrs had just finished the “forever home” for he and his wife and was ready to stop building, but a friend asked for his help flipping the home of his deceased mother.
That led to another house and then another and another.
As Baby Boomers enter the Autumn of their lives, we are about to witness the largest transfer of residential real estate in history. Bravo HG is helping transition ownership and home style to a new generation in Atlanta.

Bravo's Founder

“Hi, I’m Dave and I’m a recovering builder. I keep trying to quit, but I can’t. “This is a tough business, but I pursue it with a ‘romantic’s heart.’ Each old house presents an opportunity to redeem the greatest potential within it.”
While Dave was born into a site construction family in Tidewater Virginia, his passion is for homes and gardens, especially renovations. Each one provides a new, creative challenge. Like every family, every home is a little different.
Dave started building rooting boxes and bird houses in the third grade. Since then, his construction resume includes residential, commercial and industrial work in Virginia as well as offices, warehouses, restaurants, residential “flips” and $1M+ transformations in 4 states.

As we build into the lives of our community, we'd love to build into yours as well!